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Collected date 12/09/16

Gorton sign

Gorton station is in the eastern suburbs of Manchester and is almost entirely modern. I don't know whether this building, opposite the station entrance, is actually formerly associated with the railway:

Gorton old frontage

Opposite this building is the metal archway leading to the current station:

Gorton front

A path leads down to the station building, which has a part-time ticket office:

Gorton path

Walking through the station building (or round it when the ticket office is closed) we look at its rear. To the left where the fence is ahead of us is the station footbridge:

Gorton rear

The path behind the station building leads down to platform 1, for trains in the Manchester direction:

Gorton platform 1 ramped exit

Further down platform 1 looking east along the length of the platform:

Gorton platform 1 looking east

Looking west from this point we can see another bridge where a path and pipe cross the line:

Gorton platform 1 looking west

Back on the footbridge, we look west at the station's platforms, platform 1 on the left:

Gorton looking west from footbridge

On platform 2 on the other side of the tracks, we look east at the footbridge. Steps in front of us and a ramp behind us provide access.

Gorton footbridge

On platform 2 looking west at the basic waiting facilities:

Gorton platform 2 shelter

Looking westwards at both platforms:

Gorton platforms looking west

Murals decorate the fence that lines platform 2:

Gorton platform 2 murals

At the very western end of platform 2 looking along the line:

Gorton looking west

Walking to the other end of platform 2 under the footbridge, we look east at the road bridge which crosses the line, with the ramped access to the footbridge on our left:

Gorton looking east

Climbing up the ramped footbridge access we can look at the electrification gantries which date from the station's role as part of the Woodhead Route:

Gorton platform 2 ramped footbridge

Back on the footbridge looking east at the road bridge:

Gorton looking east from the

Looking more closely at the road bridge we can see the extra span from when the line was four-track here:

Gorton disused span

This view from the road bridge shows how the ramp and footbridge connect:

Gorton seen from the road bridge