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Collected date 19/08/12

Glenfinnan sign

Glenfinnan is a half-way point along the way from Fort William to Mallaig, and the Jacobite steam service stops there for twenty minutes or so on the way north.

The approach up the road to the station:

Glenfinnan approach

The approach leads up to the rear of the station building:

Glenfinnan rear

Some art on the rear of the station building:

Glenfinnan rear art

A railway carriage works as a restaurant:

Glenfinnan carriage

And in the other direction is (I think) a snow plough:

Glenfinnan snow plough

The entrance from the car park to the platforms:

Glenfinnan platform entrance

The steps lead up to platform 1, for trains towards Mallaig:

Glenfinnan platform 1

The platform side of the station building:

Glenfinnan building

The entrance to the station building, which functions as a museum:

Glenfinnan entrance

An uglier newer building at the eastern end of platform 1:

Glenfinnan platform 1 ugly

A signalbox stands at the eastern end of the station, although it is no longer used for signalling; the line is signalled electronically from Banavie:

Glenfinnan signalbox

The side of the signalbox bears its name in Gaelic:

Glenfinnan signalbox side

Opposite the signalbox is a water tank:

Glenfinnan water tank

A siding at the eastern end of Glenfinnan station:

Glenfinnan siding

Looking east along the line:

Glenfinnan looking east

Looking west:

Glenfinnan looking west

When the steam train is in the station, it fouls both the barrow crossings that grant access to platform 2, so I had to lean out of a train window to get these pictures. Platform 2, looking westwards:

Glenfinnan platform 2

The shelter on platform 2:

Glenfinnan platform 2 shelter

The view east from the end of platform 2:

Glenfinnan platform 2 looking east