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Glasgow Central

Collected date 03/08/05

Glasgow Central sign

Glasgow Central station is the home of the Central Hotel, where I was staying for a few days for the 2005 Worldcon.

The front of the station has a glass canopy:

Glasgow Central canopy

The clock tower is above the street entrance to the Central Hotel:

Glasgow Central tower

The station front seen from over the road:

Glasgow Central front

Inside is a spacious concourse. Looking towards the departure boards and platforms:

Glasgow Central boards

Looking back from the departure boards at the concourse, with the Central Hotel's domed bar in the background on the right:

Glasgow Central

Looking from the concourse along platforms 7 and 8:

Glasgow Central platforms 7 and

Platforms 12 and 13 are separated from the rest of the platforms by a roadway leading to car parking:

Glasow Central platforms 12 and

Walking along to the end of platform 11 reveals the magnificent entrance portal:

Glasgow Central entrance

This view further along platform 11a shows the entrance portal with the ugly modern buildings that obscure it, and the angles of the trainshed behind it:

Glasgow Central platform 11a

Looking east, away from the station, from platform 11a:

Glasgow Central looking east

The trainshed attached to the portal and platform 11 is symmetrical, but only covers that half of the station. Seen from the other platforms:

Glasgow Central main

The shorter trainshed which covers the low-numbered platforms:

Glasgow Central side

The station platforms span Argyle Street in this bridge:

Glasgow Central bridge

The windows of the same bridge seen from the inside:

Glasgow Central bridge