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Collected date 18/09/15

Giggleswick sign

What a contrast. We walked the short distance from Settle with its fancy buildings and heritage signs, to find a single shelter and a bench as the only facilities at Giggleswick.

The approach to Giggleswick station from the A65 fo the east:

Giggleswick approach road

The car park and the entrance to platform 1:

Giggleswick car park

Platform 1 has a few signs and a shelter with a bench in it:

Giggleswick platform 1

At the southern end of the platforms a barrow crossing joins the two but platform 2 has only a bench. Looking south along platform 2:

Giggleswick platforms looking

Looking north along the line from the end of platform 2:

Giggleswick looking north

At the south end of platform 1, looking south as the line crosses a road on a bridge:

Giggleswick looking south

Round the corner, the bridge from the road side:

Giggleswick bridge