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Furze Platt

Collected date 29/04/12

Furze Platt

A long time ago, before I started collecting railway stations, I went on a training course in Maidenhead, and spent long bored summer evenings wandering around the area. I remember seeing Furze Platt but never finding out where it went. Returning to the area (taking advantage of a new Day Ranger ticket) I resolved to explore what turned out to be the branch to Marlow.

The station sits in a residential area north of Maidenhead, at this level crossing, seen from the east:

Furze Platt level crossing

The building next to the railway has been extended but was obviously once associated with the railway:

Furze Platt house

The brick building which forms the entrance to the station:

Furze Platt building

Looking north along the platform:

Furze Platt platform looking

Looking north along the line:

Furze Platt looking north

Looking south back along the platform :

Furze Platt platform looking south

Looking south back at the level crossing from the platform:

Furze Platt level crossing looking

Looking south along the line:

Furze Platt looking south