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Collected date 16/05/10

Friizinghall station sign

Frizinghall is a station just to the north of Bradford Forster Square. The station is staggered either side of the road bridge across the line. The entrance to the southbound platform south of the bridge:

Frizinghall platform 2 entrance

Looking south along platform 2:

Frizinghall platform 2 looking

Looking north:

Frizinghall platform 2 looking

From the road bridge looking south at platform 2:

Frizinghall looking south
from road bridge

Platform 2 seen from the end of platform 1 on the other side of the bridge:

Frizinghall platform 2 from
platform 1

On the road bridge with platform 1 visible on the right:

Frizinghall bridge

On platform 1, looking south:

Frizinghall platform 1 looking

Looking north along platform 1:

Frizinghall looking north