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Collected date 30/06/13

Freshfield sign

The most striking feature of Freshfield station is the old building next to the line. The side of the building which faces the road which crosses the line:

Freshfield building side

The rear of this building is less interesting:

Freshfield building rear

The front of the building is best seen from the footbridge which crosses the line here:

Freshfield front

A modern building now provides services to passengers on platform 1, for trains towards Liverpool:

Entrance to Freshfield platform

However the modern building was being refurbished when we visited so a blue portakabin provided a temporary booking office in the place of some disabled parking:

Freshfield temporary booking

With the temporary booking office and car park visible in the background, this is the collection of random shelters on platform 1:

Freshfield platform 1

The level crossing just south of the station platforms:

Freshfield level crossing

But like many stations on Merseyrail there is also a footbridge linking the two platforms:

Freshfield footbridge

Looking north from the footbridge along the platforms:

Freshfield from footbridge
looking north

Looking south along the line:

Freshfield looking south

Platform 2 at Freshfield has both a new shelter and a disused old building:

Freshfield platform 2 shelter

The old building is boarded up and covered in greenery:

Freshfield platform 2 old
building seen from platform 1 opposite

Looking along the old building back towards the footbridge and level crossing:

Freshfield platform 2 old

Looking north along the line from the end of platform 2:

Freshfield platform 2 looking north

Looking south along the platforms from the same point:

Freshfield platforms looking

Freshfield station is "for" the National Trust Red Squirrel Reserve and Beach:

Freshfield for