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Collected date 21/05/10

Fitzwilliam sign

Fitzwilliam station serves a village south east of Wakefield and was the first station of the day's travels. The car park has a large wheel in it:

Fitzwilliam station car
park wheel

A footbridge spans the tracks and is the entrance to platform 2 for westbound trains towards Wakefield, usually to Wakefield Westgate:

Fitzwilliam footbridge

Down on to platform 2, looking west:

Fitzwilliam platforms 2 and 1

Looking east from the end of platform 2:

Fitzwilliam looking east

Back on the footbridge, looking east along the line:

Fitzwilliam from footbridge
looking east

Platform 1, seen from the footbridge. The ramp connecting it to the car park can be seen in the background:

Fitzwilliam platform 1 from

On platform 1 looking east:

Fitzwilliam platform 1

Looking east along platform 1:

Fitzwilliam platform 1 looking east

Looking west from the end of platform 1:

Fitzwilliam looking west