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Collected date 12/09/16

Fairfield sign

Fairfield station is a small station on the line between Guide Bridge and Manchester Piccadilly. It's one of those excellent small stations where the evidence of earlier days is clear to see. Access to both platforms is from Booth Road which crosses the line on a bridge just to the west of the platforms. The entrance to platform 1 is through this opening:

Fairfield platform 1 entrance

The opening leads to a curious open space which was once the first floor of a station building:

Fairfield platform 1 concourse

Looking back at the entrance from the middle of this space:

Fairfield platform 1 exit

Looking down the steps to platform 1:

Fairfield platform 1 steps

Down on platform level we can clearly see former entrances into the old building and the change in brickwork where the first storey windows have been removed and replaced with plain brick:

Fairfield platform 1 disused entrances

The side of the old station building showing the doorway where a footbridge once crossed the tracks:

Fairfield platform 1 disused building side

On platform 1 looking east:

Fairfield platform 1

This platform was once a central platform with a second edge and another platform off to the south in the shrubbery, where this metal tower lurks:

Fairfield platform 1 tower

Looking west towards the road bridge from platform 1:

Fairfield platforms looking west

At the eastern end of platform 1 looking back along the length of both platforms:

Fairfield from east

At the eastern end of platform 1 we look at a length of disused platform:

Fairfield platform 1 looking east

Access to platform 2 is back via the road bridge. From the road bridge we can look over west and see the trackbed of the former Fallowfield Loop Line on the right, which used to join the main line here:

Fairfield looking west from road bridge

Looking east from the road bridge at the platforms, with the access ramp down to platform 2 just visible on the left:

Fairfield looking east from road bridge

Steps and a ramp lead down from the road bridge to platform 2:

Fairfield platform 2 ramp Fairfield platform 2 approach

The ramp leads on to an old bit of platform with a disused platform edge:

Fairfield disused platform edge

In the undergrowth to the north is a second disused platform edge:

Fairfield disused platform edge

On platform 2, looking east along both platforms:

Fairfield platforms looking east

Looking west along the line under the bridge:

Fairfield looking west