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Collected date 16/09/16

Entwistle sign

Entwistle is a small station on the Ribble Valley line. It's a single platform request stop in the countryside, advertised as being "for" the West Pennine Moors:

Entwistle - alight here for the West Pennine Moors

Access to the platform is from Entwistle Hall Lane which bridges the line at the south end of the station:

Entwistle on bridge

Just past the sign on the right is a small forecourt with timetable information:

Entwistle forecourt

A sign in the forecourt area has some historical information about the station and tourism info:

Entwistle tourism sign

Through a small gate from the forecourt is this ramp which leads down to the platform:

Entwistle ramp

The ramp leads down on to the platform next to the shelter:

Entwistle exit

Another angle on the simple brick shelter:

Entwistle shelter

Roundels with scenes of the local wildlife and countryside are mounted all along the fence:

Entwistle platform art

Looking north from the end of the platform:

Entwistle looking north

Looking back along the platform:

Entwistle from north end

Looking up at the road bridge crossing the line:

Entwistle road bridge

Opposite is a cobbled route to an access gate:

Entwistle disused entrance

At the southern end of the platform looking back:

Entwistle from south

Looking south along a length of disused platform:

Entwistle looking south

Looking at the station from the road bridge:

Entwistle looking north from bridge

Looking south:

Entwistle looking south from bridge