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Ellesmere Port

Collected date 03/07/13

Ellesmere Port sign

Ellesmere Port station was being renovated when we visited, so there's quite a lot of hoarding and hazard tape. There was also some kind of disruption that meant a train stayed stubbornly in the station. Ah well. The front of the station building, to the north of the line:

Ellesmere Port front

The side of the station building:

Ellesmere Port side

The rear of the station building, which backs onto the eastbound platform 1:

Ellesmere Port rear

On platform 1, looking east:

Ellesmere Port platform 1 looking

A footbridge crosses the line at the west end of the station:

Ellesmere Port footbridge

On platform 2, looking west:

Ellesmere Port platform 2 looking

Looking west at both platforms and the station building:

Ellesmere Port platforms
looking west

Looking east along the line:

Ellesmere Port looking east

Just beyond the footbridge is an old level crossing, presumably replaced by the road bridge to the left:

Ellesmere Port old level