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Edinburgh Park

Collected date 27/09/14

Edinburgh Park

Arriving in Edinburgh for the first time since their new tram system opened I obviously had to take a journey, so I ended up out here in the middle of nowhere. It's all very shiny, and when I visited, rather deserted and pointless.

The tram stop is to the left of this path, and the station to its right:

Edinburgh Park path looking west

From the path you can get this view of the whole edifice, tubular footbridge included:

Edinburgh Park footbridge

The approach to the rather monolith-black tower on this (the south) side of the line:

Edinburgh Park approach

The entrance to platform 2 for trains westwards:

Edinburgh Park platform 2 entrance

Up the stairs (or lift) to the footbridge, to look east along the line:

Edinburgh Park looking east from footbridge

The footbridge is a rather featureless white corridor:

Edinburgh Park inside footbridge

Over the footbridge on platform 1 we look at the exit doors from the stairwell:

Edinburgh Park steps exit

Opposite the steps doors is the entrance to a concourse area:

Edinburgh Park platform 1 concourse

Looking east from the other end of the concourse:

Edinburgh Park platform 1 concourse looking east

A stained glass window sits in one of the concourse walls:

Edinburgh Park concourse window

On platform 1, looking east at a shelter and the station buildings:

Edinburgh Park platform 1 shelter

At the eastern end of platform 1 looking west at both platforms:

Edinburgh Park platform 1 from west end

Looking west from the end of platform 1, with the tramway curving over the railway in the distance:

Edinburgh Park looking west

The approach to the building from the north side of the line:

Edinburgh Park platform 1 approach