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Edge Hill

Collected date 04/07/13

Edge Hill sign

Edge Hill is Liverpool's oldest working station, but its four platforms are now vast expanses with barely controlled weeds, overshadowed by buildings far too large for modern needs. The station has two island platforms, both connected to the road overbridge by cobbled ramps. The southern ramp is behind a locked gate, mostly unused, and thus slightly green:

Edge Hill southern ramp

Passenger access to the platforms is via this northern ramp, looking east towards the station entrance:

Edge Hill northern ramp

The entrance to the station is via the ticket office:

Edge Hill front

This plaque on the building wall commemorates the 1979 BR restoration of Edge Hill station:

Edge Hill Station.  Built 1836
for the Liverpool & Manchester Railway.  Restored by British Rail
1979.  With assistance from The Historic Buildings Council

Another plaque notes the Grade II* listing of the buildings:

FRANKLIN & THOMAS HAIG Architects.  Listed Grade II*.  These
buildings at Liverpool's oldest oeprational station replaced the
original Crown Street Station at Edge Hill, opened in 1830 and used as
a winding house to haul carriages from Lime Street for onward travel
on the Liverpool & Manchester Railway.

The ticket office gives onto platform 2:

Edge Hill platform 2

The clock on the building on platform 2:

Edge Hill clock

Looking west along platform 2:

Edge Hill looking west

On platform 2, looking west at the buildings:

Edge Hill platform 2 buildings

Looking east on platform 2:

Edge Hill platform 2 looking east

In the centre of the eastern end of platforms 1 and two are these rather isolated benches:

Edge Hill platforms 1 and 2

Between platforms 1 and 2 is a dip which might once have been a bay?

Edge Hill disused bay?

Much of the eastern end of platform 1 is barriered off:

Edge Hill platform 1 looking east

The easternmost building on platform 1:

Edge Hill platform 1 end

Further west on platform 1 looking east:

Edge Hill platform 1

With the southern ramp to our left, looking west along platform 1:

Edge Hill platform 1 looking west

The two island platforms are connected by a subway. The entrance to the subway from platform 2:

Edge Hill subway

The subway emerges in this small waiting area in the building between platforms 3 and 4:

Edge Hill platforms 3 and 4 steps

Platform 3, seen from platform 2 opposite:

Edge Hill platform 3

Looking west along platform 3:

Edge Hill platform 3 looking west

Looking east at the expanse of platforms 3 and 4:

Edge Hill platforms 3 and 4

On platform 4 with the locked gate to the southern ramp ahead of us:

Edge Hill platform 4

The station building face on platform 4 is boarded or bricked up:

Edge Hill platform 4 rear

Looking west along platform 4:

Edge Hill platform 4 looking west