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Eastham Rake

Collected date 03/07/13

Eastham Rake sign

Eastham Rake station is on Merseyrai's Wirral Line and is quite new, dating from 1995. The front of the station building with its pleasant little square and covered waiting area:

Eastham Rake front

The ticket counter visible under the station building's roof:

Eastham Rake tickets

Plaques next to the ticket office commemorating the station's creation in 1995 and the station's adoption by the RAF Air Training Corps:

This plaque commemorates the
official opening of Merseyrail's new Station at Eastham Rake on
Wednesday, June 7, 1995 | Tended and Cared for by 1123 Squadron RAF
Air Training Corps Station Adoption Volunteers

The platforms are on an embankment, so a ramp leads to platform level:

Eastham Rake ramp

The ramp leads up onto platform 1, and the footbridge which spans the tracks:

Eastham Rake footbridge

On platform 1, looking north from its southern end:

Eastham Rake platform 1 looking

Looking south along the line from the end of platform 1:

Eastham Rake looking south

From the other end of platform 1 looking north along the line:

Eastham Rake looking north

Looking north from the footbridge:

Eastham Rake looking north from

Platform 2:

Eastham Rake platform 2

The slightly unusually designed shelter on platform 2:

Eastham Rake platform 2 shelter