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Collected date 15/09/15

Dumfries sign

Our Freedom of the North West Rover tickets took us into Scotland, believe it or not, so we ended up in Dumfries at the Rover's far north-western end. The station is to the north east of the town, faced by the station frontage:

Dumfries front long view

The front of the station building:

Dumfries front

A plaque covered in perspex on the front of the station:

Dumfries front plaque

To the left of the station frontage is a small side gate:

Dumfries side gate

Bay platforms on the north side of the station have now been turned into the station's car park:

Dumfries parking

Details of the spandrels holding up the canopies on the platform 1 side:

Dumfries platform 1 spandrels

The station building backs on to platform 1. Looking south along this platform with the parking area behind us to our right:

Dumfries platform 1 looking south

Next to the postbox a water fountain sits:

Dumfries platform 1 fountain

A wooden booth with a roller blind provides some sort of information counter:

Dumfries platform 1 booth

Plaques mark Dumfries as a winner in 1986 and 1987 best station competitions:

Dumfries platform 1 plaques

A view of the rear of the central station building from platform 2 opposite:

Dumfries platform 1 rear

At the southern end of the platform buildings is a southern side exit:

Dumfries platform 1 side exit

South of that is the station garden:

Dumfries platform 1 garden

Looking south along platform 1:

Dumfries looking south

Looking along both platforms from the south of platform 1:

Dumfries from south end

A footbridge connects the two platforms, just north of the station buildings:

Dumfries footbridge

Looking south along platform 1 back towards the footbridge:

Dumfries looking south along
platform 1

Looking north from the footbridge, with the signalbox on the right:

Dumfries looking north from

The signalbox:

Dumfries signalbox

Looking south from the footbridge:

Dumfries looking south from

The footbridge leads on to platform 2, from where we see the side of the platform 2 station building:

Dumfries platform 2 building side

A long view of the frontage of platform 2's station building:

Dumfries platform 2 front long view

The entrance to platform 2 from the car park:

Dumfries platform 2 entrance

Looking south on platform 2 under the acnopy:

Dumfries platform 2 under

The spandrels on platform 2 are a different design:

Dumfries platform 2 spandrels

The southern end of platform 2:

Dumfries platform 2 looking south

Looking south along both platforms towards the southern end of platform 2:

Dumfries platforms looking south