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Collected date 13/04/06

Drumchapel sign

Drumchapel station lies on the line between Drumry and Westerton. The sign is by a bridge which carries the line over the road to the west of the station:

Drumchapel bridge

Like many SPT stations the station building isn't much to look at:

Drumchapel station building

The station building faces onto platform 1, here looking west:

Drumchapel platform 1 looking west

Looking east at the platforms from the end of platform 1:

Drumchapel platforms looking

Looking west along the line from the end of platform 1:

Drumchapel looking west

At the other end of platform 1, looking east. A disused stretch of platform 2 continues for some way beyond its current end:

Drumchapel looking east

A footbridge crosses the tracks:

Drumchapel footbridge

Platform 2 just has a modest shelter:

Drumchapel platform 2

A westwards view of platform 2 from platform 1:

Drumchapel platform 2 seen from
platform 1