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Collected date 12/09/14

Drigg sign

Drigg was the point our tour of the northwest became a tour of the nuclear coast. Right next to the station is the Low-Level Waste Repository, where mostly harmless nuclear waste is buried. The station itself is a quiet two-platform affair with its own signalbox, a station building, and a hotel.

The front of the station building, now occupied by a craft and coffee shop:

Drigg front

Next to the station building is a small car park, from where we get this view of the station building with the station itself to the right:

Drigg side

The entrance from the car park to platform 1:

Drigg entrance

The entrance takes us onto platform 1:

Drigg platform 1 rear

The rear of the station building, seen from platform 2 opposite:

Drigg rear

Looking west along platform 1:

Drigg platform 1 looking west

Further along platform 1, looking back east. The station hotel/pub is on the left, followed by platform 1's shelter. In the background is the old station building and the level crossing which connects the two platforms:

Drigg platform 1 looking east

Platform 1 is well planted and has this sign embedded in the shrubbery:

Drigg platform 1 planter

Looking west from the end of platform 1, with the nuclear site visible behind the fence on the left:

Drigg looking west

A zoomed look down the line from the west end of platform 1:

Drigg looking west zoomed view

Platform 2 has no building but this shelter, on the right here as we look east:

Drigg platform 2 looking east

The western end of platform 2:

Drigg platform 2 end

These step sit on platform 2:

Drigg steps

Platform 2 is planted, and this rockery bears the station's name:

Drigg planter

On the other side of the level crossing stands Drigg signalbox:

Drigg signalbox

Looking east along the line from the level crossing, with an old goods shed on the left:

Drigg looking east