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Collected date 27/09/14

Drem sign

Drem station serves the village of the same name but there's really not much there beyond a few cottages and the station itself. It's on the East Coast Main Line, just west of the point where the line branches off towards North Berwick.

The approach to the station from the north:

Drem approach

Cutting into the car park is this old siding:

Drem old siding

The station building faces on to the car park, with the eastbound platform 1 to its left:

Drem front

The gable end of the station building faces on to platform 1:

Drem gable end

Next to the stone station building is a wooden shelter building:

Drem rear

On platform 1 next to the wooden building, looking east:

Drem platforms looking east

Looking west from the end of platform 1 towards the road bridge which crosses the line:

Drem looking west

East of the station building platform 1 continues under the footbridge:

Drem platform 1

A plaque on the footbridge marks it as the first of its design in the United Kingdom:

Drem footbridge plaque

Looking west along both platforms from the eastern end of platform 1:

Drem platforms looking west

At the eastern end of platform 1 looking east along the line, we can see the siding branch off to the left:

Drem looking east

On the footbridge, looking at the lamps on platform 1:

Drem lamps

Looking east from the footbridge:

Drem looking east from footbridge

Looking west from the footbridge:

Drem looking west from footbridge

The building on platform 2:

Drem platform 2 building

Looking east on platform 2:

Drem platform 2 looking east

Going round the station area to the road bridge, we get this view of the other side of the bridge, with platform 2's end just visible under it:

Drem bridge

Looking at the roof of the platform 1 buildings from the road bridge:

Drem platform 1 roofs

From the road bridge looking east at the station:

Drem looking east from the bridge

Looking west along the line:

Drem looking west from the bridge