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Denmark Hill

Collected date 01/08/15

Denmark Hill sign

Denmark Hill station is on the Overground line towards Clapham Junction, among other lines. The modern frontage on Champion Park is not very exciting:

Denmark Hill front

The modern entrance on Champion Park to the south of the station:

Denmark Hill entrance

The entrance is at street level, but the platforms are in a cutting, and in fact the old station building still exists as a bridge over the line just west of the modern entrance. It's now used as a pub and coffee bar but it's still there and in good condition. A long view of the station building:

Denmark Hill old frontage,
long view

The centre of the old frontage:

Denmark Hill old frontage

Detail of the front canopy and spandrels:

Denmark Hill old frontage

Opposite the old building we can look down and west into the cutting:

Denmark Hill looking west
from bridge

The modern entrance (top) connects to a ramp (top left), steps down to platform 1 (bottom left), and a covered footbridge (top right) running along the rear of the old station building:

Denmark Hill platform 1 steps

The ramp leads down to a modern accessible footbridge:

Denmark Hill footbridge

On the modern footbridge:

Denmark Hill on footbridge

Descending the steps we look west back at the station:

Denmark Hill platforms looking

And east along the line:

Denmark Hill looking east

Beyond the modern footbridge, looking west on platform 1 with platform 2 on the right:

Denmark Hill platform 1 looking

Back up to the modern entrance and we get a closer look at the rear of the old building:

Denmark Hill rear

Looking east from the glazed footbridge at platforms 1 and 2:

Denmark Hill looking east
from bridge

Descending to the island platforms 2 and 3 we can see the spandrels next to the steps are brightly painted:

Denmark Hill spandrels

The island platforms 2 and 3, looking east:

Denmark Hill platforms 2 and 3
looking east

Detail of the canopy ornamentation and spandrels:

Denmark Hill platforms 2 and 3

At the western end of platforms 2 and 3 looking east towards the front of the old station building:

Denmark Hill platforms 2 and 3
from the west end

Under the station building, looking east at platform 4 from platform 3:

Denmark Hill platforms 3 and 4
looking east

The jagged end of the canopy on platform 3:

Denmark Hill platform 3
canopy end

Platform 4:

Denmark Hill platform 4