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Collected date 12/09/14

Dalton sign

Dalton station bookended our seventh day in the north west, which featured a whistlestop tour of the nuclear sites of the Cumbria coast... The station building is mostly in private hands now, and sits just to the north of the line:

Dalton station front

This iron gateway sits at the entrance to the platform, just left of the station front:

Dalton gateway

On platform 1, looking back at the station building and archway:

Dalton platform 1

Although there is a modern shelter, an archway in the original building also provides covered waiting:

Dalton archway

The platform-facing gable end has a space where once a clock sat:

Dalton gable end

The station building is decorated with architectural features like this:

Dalton architectural thing

The rest of the rear of the station building, fenced from the platform:

Dalton rear

On platform 1 looking west:

Dalton platform 1 looking west

Beyond the end of the opreational platform is a scrub of dead grass:

Dalton looking west

Back in the middle of platform 1, looking east towards the bridge which is the only way to get to the other platform:

Dalton platform 1 looking east

Plaques on the fence alongside platform 1 celebrate George Romney who was born in Dalton, and the vast list of people who sponsored improvements to the station:

Dalton plaques

Looking back west from the eastern end of platform 1. The paintings on the fence are courtesy of the George Romney Junior School:

Dalton platform 1 from east end

Steps lead up from the platforms to Station Road which crosses the line:

Dalton bridge

Looking west from the bridge at the platforms:

Dalton from bridge looking west

Looking east along the line from the bridge:

Dalton from bridge looking east

Looking along platform 2 from platform 1:

Dalton platform 2 long view

The brick shelter on platform 2:

Dalton platform 2 shelter

Platform 2, looking back towards the bridge:

Dalton platform 2

The fence on platform 2 is also decorated, though with mosaics. Here's a rainbow:

Dalton rainbow