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Daisy Hill

Collected date 17/09/16

Daisy Hill was the first station of our final day in the Manchester area. It's on the Wigan line in the suburbs of Bolton and was very quiet when we visited... This is the station's front, facing on to Leigh Road:

Daisy Hill front

The platforms are to the east of the bridge. To the west we can see the line continue on under a pipe:

Daisy Hill looking west from road bridge

Looking from the bridge you can see the side of the station building on the platform 2 side:

Daisy Hill platform 2 side

The platform 1 side of the building:

Daisy Hill platform 1 side

Another view of the front of the building:

Daisy Hill building

The station building has a ticket office:

Daisy Hill ticket hall

Steps lead down to platforms:

Daisy Hill steps

Looking back at the station building:

Daisy Hill exit

The portal to the steps:

Daisy Hill portal

Looking back at the rear of the station building:

Daisy Hill rear

The span of the bridge is such that it's clear there were once more tracks here:

Daisy Hill disused trackbed

On platform 2 looking west back towards the station building:

Daisy Hill platform 2

Looking east along the platform at a small patch of grass:

Daisy Hill looking east

Someone has put a bird table just beyond the operational part of the platform:

Daisy Hill bird feeder

And for completeness some bee boxes along the fence:

Daisy Hill bee boxes

Looking west back along the platforms:

Daisy Hill platforms looking west

Looking east along the disused length of platform 1 edge:

Daisy Hill platform 1 looking east