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Collected date 23/05/15

Creswell sign

Creswell station serves the village of Creswell in Derbyshire and sits on the Robin Hood Line. The line runs on a bridge over the village's main east-west road. Looking at the bridge on its west side:

Creswell bridge

Turn left and we're going up Gypsy Lane:

Creswell platform 1 approach

And from there up the entrance ramp to platform 1:

Creswell platform 1 entrance

The shelter on platform 1 is a boring metal and glass affair:

Creswell platform 1 shelter

On platform 1 looking north:

Creswell platforms looking north

Looking south along the line as it runs over the bridge:

Creswell looking south

Opposite platform 1 we can see the old station building, but it doesn't look to be in a good state:

Creswell building

We have to go back down to the road and under the bridge to get to the other platform. Looking at the bridge from the other side:

Creswell bridge from east

At the junction with Station Road, which leads to platform 2, is this wheel:

Creswell wheel

Past industrial units on the left (which obscure any closer view of the station building) we arrive in the car park:

Creswell platform 2 car park

The ramped entrance to platform 2:

Creswell platform 2 entrance

On platform 2 looking south:

Creswell platform 2

Looking north along the line from the end of platform 2:

Creswell looking north

A little way to the north is the signalbox which controls the crossover and once also controlled the junction with the Clowne branch:

Creswell signalbox