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Collected date 20/05/10

Cottingley sign

Cottingley station is a completely modern station serving the area of the same name west of Leeds.

The approach to the station from the east:

Cottingley approach

The entrance on the eastern side of the station leads onto platform 2. Looking south along platform 2:

Cottingley platform 2

The shelter on platform 2, with another view showing the wooden supports for the platform:

Cottingley platform 2 shelter Cottingley platform 2 shelter
and platform

Returning to the footbridge, we see the entrance to platform 2 on the right:

Cottingley from footbridge
looking north

Across the line, the entrance to platform 1:

Cottingley platform 1

The entrance to platform 1 from the footbridge:

Cottingley platforms 1 and 2

On platform 1, looking south:

Cottingley platform 1

Looking north along the line from the end of platform 1:

Cottingley looking north