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Collected date 14/09/14

Clapham sign

After sitting at Lancaster station all morning devising and then discarding successive plans to get home as various calamities made them implausible, we finally managed to get to Clapham for the start of a bike ride to Settle. Approaching the station from the car park, with the rear of the stone platform 1 shelter facing us:

Clapham rear

The old station house sits at one end of the car park:

Clapham house

Entering the station we are on platform 1, looking at the front of the stone waiting shelter:

Clapham front

Inside the shelter:

Clapham in building

On platform 1, looking west:

Clapham platform 1 looking west

The rear of the house which backs onto the eastern end of platform 1:

Clapham house rear

At the end of platform 1 looking south along the line:

Clapham looking south

The station has no public address system or train information screns, but it does have this telephone:

Clapham telephone

The footbridge connects the two platforms:

Clapham footbridge

From the footbridge looking east at platform 1:

Clapham looking east from

Looking west from the footbridge:

Clapham looking west from

Platform 2:

Clapham platform 2