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Collected date 08/09/14

Chorley sign

Chorley station's current construction dates from the 1980s but is already showing its age somewhat. The front of the station buikding:

Chorley front

The northern side of the station building:

Chorley side

South of the station is a now-closed level crossing and a pedestrian underpass:

Chorley old level crossing

The rear of the station building which backs onto platform 1:

Chorley platform 1 rear

On platform 1 looking north:

Chorley platform 1

Looking south from the end of platform 1 we can see the old level crossing:

Chorley looking south

Steps lead down from platform 1 to the subway:

Chorley platform 1 steps

The brightly-decorated subway leads under the tracks to platform 2:

Chorley subway

The subway emerges under a canopy on platform 2:

Chorley platform 2 canopy

Platform 2 building:

Chorley platform 2

Looking south along both platforms on platform 2:

Chorley platforms looking south

Looking north from platform 2:

Chorley looking north

The exit from platform 2 and the rear of the building:

Chorley platform 2 rear