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Collected date 03/07/13

Chester sign

Chester is the southernmost point of Merseyrail's network, and a pleasant place to stop for lunch and a wander around the city centre with its amusing double-decker shopping arcades.

The front of the station building which faces down City Road:

Chester front

The central canopy above the entrance to the station itself:

Chester front canopy

Looking east along the station frontage:

Chester entrance

To the east of the front of the station building is an archway which proudly announces CARRIAGES & POST HORSES FOR HIRE:

Chester eastern gate

The western towers:

Chester front, western tower

Looking along at the western end of the station frontage:

Chester front, western end

The western end of the front of the station building is offices now, Archway House, to which this is the entrance:

Chester Archway House

Walking round to the west of the station takes us up onto the A56 which crosses the line. From here we look east at the station carpark. The front of the station is on the right, with the first operational platform just left of the cars:

Chester car park

From the road bridge looking east towards the station:

Chester from road looking east

Looking west along the line from the other side of the bridge:

Chester from bridge looking

Back at ground level, we enter the main concourse area, looking east with a set of ticket barriers just to the left:

Chester inside looking east

These strange modern green buildings house shops in the concourse:

Chester concourse

The brick bridge leads up to footbridge level:

Chester bridge

A plaque commemorates the refurbishment of Chester Station:

This plaque was unveiled by
Gyles Brandreth, Member of Parliament for Chester City on Friday 16
December 1994 To commemorate the Refurbishment of Chester Station

To the east of the concourse area is an unnumbered bay platform, here looking back west towards the concourse:

Chester disused platform looking

Looking east from the buffers of the unnumbered platform:

Chester disused platform looking

At the other end of the concourse is the bay platform 2:

Chester platform 2 looking east

Looking west along platform 2:

Chester platform 2 looking west

At the western end of platforms 2 and 3 looking west:

Chester platforms 2 and 3 looking west

The shelter and wall between platforms 2 and 3 is a bit makeshift:

Chester platform 3 under

Further through, on the first through platform, platform 3, looking east:

Chester platform 3 looking east

The view across from platfgorm 3 to the island platforms:

Chester island platforms seen from
platform 3

On the footbridge:

Chester on footbridge

From the footbridge looking east along platform 4:

Chester from footbridge looking

Platform 4, seen from platform 3 opposite:

Chester platform 4

Looking west along platform 4 at the end of the island platform canopy:

Chester platform 4 looking west

On platform 4 looking west at the footbridge:

Chester footbridge

The view back towards platform 3 from platform 4:

Chester platform 3 seen from
platform 4

At the western end of the island platform looking back at the glazed canopy:

Chester island canopy

The island platform at Chester has a plaque noting its refurbishment:

Chester station island
platform 1890.  Island Platform West Pavilion externally refurbished
in 2010 by Network Rail with support from the Heritage Lottery Fund,
Railway Heritage Trust and Cheshire West and Chester Council.

The platform furthest from the entrance to Chester station is platform 7, here looking east:

Chester platform 7 looking east

Looking west along platform 7:

Chester platform 7 looking west

A small garden sits at the eastern end of the island platform:

Chester garden

Another double canopy covers parts of the bay platforms 5 and 6:

Chester platform 5