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Cheadle Hulme

Collected date 11/09/16

Cheadle Hulme sign

Cheadle Hulme station was our base for the week's holiday in Manchester, so waiting around platform 1 in the morning amongst the later commuters became a familiar experience. The station sits at the point where the West Coast Main Line forks southwards towards Stoke-on-Trent on one branch and Crewe on the other. The station frontage dates from the sixties and sits in the vee formed by the two converging lines:

Cheadle Hulme front

Looking down at the station front from platform 3:

Cheadle Hulme front seen
from platform 3

A view from platform 2:

Cheadle Hulme front from platform 2

The station building houses a ticket office, and beyond it is this flight of steps leading up to platform level:

Cheadle Hulme central steps

Looking back down the central steps towards the station building:

Cheadle Hulme central steps exit

Separate flights of steps lead up to platforms 2 and 3:

Cheadle Hulme platforms entrance

On platform 2 with the stepped exit to the left of the fence:

Cheadle Hulme platform 2 exit

Walking down to the southern end of the Crewe-bound platform 2, we look south:

Cheadle Hulme platform 2 looking south

Looking north from the southern end of platform 2:

Cheadle Hulme platform 2 from south end

Going up on to the footbridge we get a good view of platforms 1 and 2 looking south:

Cheadle Hulme platforms 1 and
2 from footbridge looking south

And looking north:

Cheadle Hulme platforms 1 and 2 from footbridge looking north

A general view of platform 1:

Cheadle Hulme platform 1

On platform 1 looking south:

Cheadle Hulme platform 1 looking south

Looking north:

Cheadle Hulme platform 1 looking north

Steps lead up to platform 1 from street level:

Cheadle Hulme platform 1 steps

Returning to the island platform 2 and 3, we look north on platform 3 at the footbridge:

Cheadle Hulme platforms 3 and 4 footbridge

Looking south along platform 3:

Cheadle Hulme platform 3 looking south

A view of platform 3 from platform 4 opposite:

Cheadle Hulme platform 3 seen from platform 4

Looking south under the footbridge at platforms 3 and 4:

Cheadle Hulme platforms 3 and 4 under footbridge

The shelters, both old and new, on platform 3, with the lift entrance to the footbridge between them:

Cheadle Hulme platform 3 shelters

Looking north along the line from the end of platform 3:

Cheadle Hulme looking north

Back up to the footbridge for this view of platforms 3 and 4 looking north:

Cheadle Hulme platforms 3 and 4 looking north from footbridge

Looking south from the footbridge:

Cheadle Hulme platforms 3 and 4 looking south from footbridge

Inside the footbridge, with steps down to platform 4 to our left:

Cheadle Hulme inside footbridge

The exit from platform 4. The lift and footbridge give the whole station step-free access, although the lift was out of service the one time we wanted to get our bikes through the station:

Cheadle Hulme platform 4 exit

A longer view of the rear of platform 4 and the footbridge:

Cheadle Hulme platform 4 rear

Platform 4 backs on to the car park, where here we look south towards another stepped exit from the station:

Cheadle Hulme car park looking south

Next to the carpark there seems to be traces of old rails in an area which was once part of the goods yard:

Cheadle Hulme old yard