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Collected date 10/09/14

Cark sign

Cark and Cartmel station is in Cark but quite far from Cartmel. Indeed, as the crow flies Cartmel is closer to Grange-over-Sands but since there's a hill in the way it's a rather more convenient walk, carriage, or bike ride from Cartmel to Cark station. We of course arrived by bike, to be greeted by the gateway to the station carpark:

Cark entrance

In the car park, looking at the station building and the entrance to the platforms:

Cark car park

The station building backs on to platform 1, seen here from platform 2 opposite:

Cark rear

An old clock is embedded in the station building, but lacks hands:

Cark platform 1 clock

The canopied area on platform 1 has been enclosed with an automatic sliding door to make a shelter:

Cark platform 1 shelter

Inside the shelter:

Cark inside shelter

On platform 1 looking west at the station building and footbridge:

Cark platforms looking west

Looking east along the line from the end of platform 1 with an old shed on the left:

Cark looking east

An iron footbridge crosses the line to connect the two platforms:

Cark footbridge

The stair rods are elaborate:

Cark footbridge ironwork

On the footbridge, looking east along the line:

Cark from footbridge looking east

The end of the footbridge on platform 2:

Cark platform 2 footbridge end

On platform 2 looking east at the platform 2 building and footbridge:

Cark platform 2 shelter

The entrance to platform 2 just next to the building:

Cark platform 2 entry

On platform 2 looking west:

Cark platform 2

At the western end of platform 2, looking east:

Cark platform 2 looking east

Looking west under the bridge which crosses the line at the station's west end:

Cark looking west