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Burnley Central

Collected date 11/09/14

Burnley Central sign

Burnley Central is not an attractive station building. It's basically a modern brick box. The front of the station building on the appropriately named Railway Street:

Burnley Central front

Private steps in the middle of the building, presumably providing access to offices:#

Burnley Central steps

The northern side of the station building, with paint-peeling wood:

Burnley Central north side

Steps lead up to the platform, from where we look south along the single platform:

Burnley Central platform
looking south

Looking north from the end of the platform, where a stretch of it is disused:

Burnley Central looking north

The rear of the station building, which houses a waiting room ad ticket counter:

Burnley Central rear

Looking north at the canopy and station building:

Burnley Central canopy

Looking south along the platform:

Burnley Central looking south

Steps lead from the platform down to street level on the southern side of the station:

Burnley Central south side