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Burnley Barracks

Collected date 11/09/14

Burnley Barracks sign

Burnley Barracks is a small single-track station on the East Lancashire Line. It once had buildings and two platforms but now it's just a single platform with a shelter. The station sits between two road bridges over the line: Junction Street to the east, and Padiham Road to the west. The entrance is at the point where these roads meet:

Burnley Barracks entrance

A ramp zig-zags down towards the platform. Looking down towards the platform with Junction Street on the right:

Burnley Barracks ramp

On the platform, looking west with the ramp up to street level on the left:

Burnley Barracks platform

The view west along the line from the end of the platform:

Burnley Barracks looking west

Looking east on the platform:

Burnley Barracks platform
looking east

Some marks on the platform indicate where a previous shelter was once attached:

Burnley Barracks old

Looking across the line towards the disused platform opposite:

Burnley Barracks disused

A lamp bracket under the bridge at the eastern end of the station:

Burnley Barracks lamp

Looking east along the line from the end of the platform:

Burnley Barracks looking east

Returning to street level, looking east along the line from the eastern bridge, with an overgrown portion of the platform on the right:

Burnley Barracks
looking east from bridge

Looking west from Junction Street at the station and the next bridge:

Burnley Barracks
looking west from bridge

From the western of the two bridges, looking north at the area of wasteland beyond the disused platform:

Burnley Barracks

Looking west along the line from the western bridge:

Burnley Barracks from
western bridge looking west

This small bay in Padiham Road is all that remains of the entrance to the station buildings:

Burnley Barracks western
bridge bay