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Collected date 14/09/16

Burnage sign

Burnage station, to the south of Manchester, is a bit of a complicated tangle for a small station, with entrances on three sides. The closest to a main entrance is that which leads up to the ticket office on platform 1:

Up a ramp to the right, or up these steps, to get to the station building:

Burnage platform 1 steps

The entrance to platform 1 and the ticket office:

Burnage platform 1 entrance

The rear of the station building is protected with a wire fence:

Burnage rear

The gap between the building and the fence:

Burnage platform 1 behind fence

Let's now go under this bridge that crosses Fog Lane to the south of the station:

Burnage bridge

The Fog Lane entrance to platform 2:

Burnage platform 2 Fog Lane entrance

That entrance leads along this path all the way along the side of the station:

Burnage platform 2 side path emerge on Brayside Road to the north of the station:

Burnage platform 2 Brayside Road entrance

From the path steps and a ramp lead up to platform level:

Burnage platform 2 steps

Burnage platform 2 ramp

Platform 2 seen from platform 1 opposite:

Burnage platform 2 from platform 1

On platform 2 looking north:

Burnage platform 2 looking north

Looking south:

Burnage platform 2 looking south