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Collected date 15/09/16

Bryn station sign

Bryn had station buildings as recently as 1989, but now it is just two platforms with bus style shelters. The entrance to the both platforms is to the east of the station, from Wigan Road which bridges over the line. From this bridge we take a peek further east along the line:

Bryn looking east

The entrance to Bryn station. Platform 1 on the right:

Bryn entrance

The entrance to platform 2 just a little way further along the bridge:

Bryn platform 2 entrance

Looking down from the bridge at platform 2:

Bryn platform 2

Down on platform 2 looking west at both platforms:

Bryn platforms looking west

Looking east under the road bridge:

Bryn looking east

The basic shelter and a bench on platform 2, here looking east:

Bryn platform 2 looking east

Opposite, platform 1 also has a couple of benches and a shelter:

Bryn platform 1

The eastern end of platform 1:

Bryn platform 1 looking east

At the other end of platform 1 looking west along the line:

Bryn looking west

Looking back at the station from the western end of platform 1:

Bryn looking back from west