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Collected date 12/09/16

Brinnington sign

Brinnington is a small station to the east of Manchester, dating from 1977 and with fairly spartan facilities to match. Still, it does have a station building with a ticket counter:

Brinnington station front

Inside the station building looking at the turnstile with the station front beyond:

Brinnington gate

The rear of the Brinnington station building, from where the footbridge heads over to platform 2 on the right, with steps down to platform 1 behind us:

Brinnington station rear

At the bottom of the steps that lead up from platform 1 to the ticket office:

Brinnington platform 1 steps

The shelter on platform 1:

Brinnington platform 1 shelter

The shelter has a small narrow vertical slot in its side:

Brinnington platform 1 shelter slot

At the eastern end of platform 1 looking west:

Brinnington platform 1 looking west

Looking east from the end of the operational part of platform 1 at a substantial length of disused platform:

Brinnington looking east

Over at the other end of platform 1 looking at the footbridge and road bridge beyond:

Brinnington bridges

Back up to the ticket office and then on to the footbridge which spans the tracks and provides access to platform 2:

Brinnington footbridge

From the footbridge we can look east at both platforms, with platform 1 on the right for stations towards Manchester and platform 2 on the left for trains heading the other way towards Sheffield:

Brinnington looking east from the footbridge

Looking west from the footbridge at the road bridge that crosses the line:

Brinnington looking west from the footbridge

At the far end of the footbridge steps lead down to platform 2:

Brinnington platform 2 steps

The entrance to platform 2, showing the shelter with its strange vertical slot:

Brinnington platform 2

Platform 2 seen from platform 1:

Brinnington platform 2 seen from platform 1

On platform 2 looking east:

Brinnington platforms looking east