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Collected date 11/09/14

Brierfield sign

Brierfield is a small town and its station, on the Colne branch, is a small station to match. But it still has a signalbox and a disused platform from when the line was singled. The entrance to the station platform from the car park just east of the line:

Brierfield entrance

The level crossing sits just south of the station:

Brierfield level crossing

The signalbox on the far side of the level crossing from the station:

Brierfield signalbox

On the platform, we look at the shelter and bench, with the siglanbox and level crossing in the background:

Brierfield shelter

Looking north along the platform:

Brierfield platform looking north

Towards the other end of the platform looking back south at the operational platform and the disused on the right:

Brierfield platforms looking

A footbridge crosses the line at the northern end of the platforms:

Brierfield footbridge

Looking north along the line under the footbridge:

Brierfield looking north

Climbing up onto the footbridge, looking north along the line:

Brierfield looking north from

Looking south from the footbridge at the station:

Brierfield looking south from