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Collected date 12/09/16

Bredbury sign

Bredbury station was the first of a day's exploring, and a bit of a mixed bag. The station dates from 1875, but was modernised in the 1970s so the old station master's house is the oldest thing about the site now:

Bredbury Station Master's House

That photo of the station house was taken from the steps of the new building:

Bredbury building front

At the top of the steps, the entrances to the station, either through the building or a side gate:

Bredbury entrances

The station backs on to platform 2:

Bredbury rear

Looking inside the station building. The platform is behind us and the entrance and steps are beyond the turnstile and barriers to the left:

Bredbury ticket office

Platform 2:

Bredbury platform 2

At the western end of platform 2 the footbridge joins the two sides of the station:

Bredbury platform 2 footbridge end

From the footbridge we get a good view of the station looking east:

Bredbury looking east from footbridge

Looking west along the line from the footbridge:

Bredbury looking west from footbridge

The footbridge leads to platform 1:

Bredbury platform 1

On platform 1 looking west along the line, where it crosses the A560:

Bredbury looking west

A bricked up doorway in the side of the platform 1 building:

Bredbury platform 1 building bricked-up door

On platform 1, looking east along both platforms:

Bredbury looking east along platforms

At the eastern end of platform 1 looking back west at the station:

Bredbury platforms looking west

Looking east along the line from the end of platform 1:

Bredbury looking east