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Collected date 15/09/16

Blackrod sign

Blackrod station was the day's first, and it's a small station in Horwich, Greater Manchester. It's got some relatively recent access improvements, with a footbridge being replaced with ramps up to the road bridge.

From the road bridge looking north at the station site:

Blackrod looking north from bridge

A road leads from the bridge crossing the line to the station. From this road we can see both platforms and the ramp leading down to platform 2:

Blackrod platforms

Looking down the curved ramp to platform 2:

Blackrod platform 2 ramp

The ramp ends up at the end of platform 2, from where we look north:

Blackrod platform 2 looking north

The station building on platform 2 is actually this old railway shed building, now in private use:

Blackrod shed

Platform 2 has a shelter and bike parking:

Blackrod platform 2 shelter

Small train planters!

Blackrod small train planters

At the far end of platform 2, looking north along the line:

Blackrod looking north

Looking back south:

Blackrod platforms looking south

From platform 2 we look over to platform 1 which has a footpath exit at its north end:

Blackrod platform 1 exit

The shelter on platform 1, and on the left the ramp leading up to the road overbridge:

Blackrod platform 1 shelter

A long view of platform 1 looking north:

Blackrod platform 1