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Blackpool North

Collected date 09/09/14

Blackpool North sign

Blackpool North is the largest of Blackpool's stations and we arrived on a gloriously sunny day after walking from nearby Layton. The current station is based around the excursion platforms of the original station, with platforms running east from a concourse building.

The station building seen from the south:

Blackpool North building

The front of the station building at its south. Doors at the right-hand side lead into the concourse area:

Blackpool North front

Inside the station building. A gate line divides the concourse, with access to the platforms through doors in the right-hand wall beyond:

Blackpool north concourse
looking north

Looking back at the entrance doors from the gate line:

Blackpool North concourse
looking south

Further along the concourse, looking back at the gate line:

Blackpool North gate line

A large Lancashire rose in the middle of the concourse floor:

Blackpool North concourse rose

In the wall just beyond the rose in the previous shot are some cast iron plaques bearing the letters LYR and LNWR, rescued from the front of the original, larger, Blackpool North station:

Blackpool North plaques

The station has its own war memorial in its northwest corner:

Blackpool North war

Access to the platforms is through doors on one side of the concourse. These doors are kept locked and only opened by station staff shortly before a train is due:

Blackpool North doors

Fortunately, when I asked the customer service staff nicely they let me out onto the platforms to have a poke about with my camera. Looking south under the canopies which project from the station building:

Blackpool North looking
south under canopy

The canopy for the end of platforms 7 and 8:

Blackpool North platforms 7
and 8 canopy

Looking back at the canopy at the end of platforms 5 and 6:

Blackpool North end of
platforms 5 and 6

From the station building the platforms extend some way out, allowing for the direct London services the station once had and may have in the future. Looking westwards along platforms 7 and 8 at the station building:

Blackpool North platforms 7 and
8 looking west

Looking east along platform 8 from the station building end:

Blackpool North platform 8
looking east

On platform 6 looking east between two trains:

Blackpool North platforms 5 and
6 looking east

Looking east from the end of platform 6. Note how platforms 4 and 3 on the right have a longer canopy:

Blackpool North platform 6 looking

Further east along platform 8 looking east at the ends of the platforms and their signals:

Blackpool North platforms
looking east

Looking south across the platforms:

Blackpool North platforms
looking south

And looking southwest at the low-numbered platforms at the south end of the station:

Blackpool North platforms
looking southwest

Beyond the east end of the platforms the signalbox stands:

Blackpool North signalbox