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Birkenhead North

Collected date 04/07/13

Birkenhead North sign

Birkenhead North was the last station of the day and we explored as the light started to dim. It's near the point where the branch towards New Brighton diverges from the line to West Kirby.

The front of the station building, which sits just south of the line:

Birkenhead North front

An entrance leads from the front of the station building to platform 3:

Birkenhead North exit

The rear of the station building, seen from platform 2 opposite:

Birkenhead North rear

In the brickwork on the rear of the station building are several tiles of the arms of the Wirral Railway:

Birkenhead North arms

At the western end of platform 3 is a second building, out of use:

Birkenhead North platform 3

As well as platform 3 which backs on to the station building, there are two island platform faces, 1 and 2, reached via a footbridge. Looking east from the footbridge along the line:

Birkenhead North from
footbridge looking east

Looking west at the station buildings and island platforms canopy from the footbridge:

Birkenhead North from
footbridge looking west

On platform 2, looking east:

Birkenhead North platform 2
looking east

Although the roof of the canopy on the island platform is modern, the supports are ornate iron:

Birkenhead North
platforms 1 and 2 under canopy

Platform 1 was largely not used when we visited. Here looking east towards the end of the footbridge:

Birkenhead North platform 1
looking east

From the western end of the island platform looking east at the station:

Birkenhead North platforms
1 and 2 from west

Looking west along the line from the end of the island platform:

Birkenhead North looking west

A road bridge crosses the line to the east of the station. Looking west from the road bridge:

Birkenhead North from