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Birkenhead Central

Collected date 05/07/13

Birkenhead Central sign

Birkenhead Central station is not the most easy station for pedestrians to get to, sitting as it does on the side of a busy roundabout. It was certainly difficult to get a decent shot of the station's front from the grass in the roundabout's middle:

The front of the station, seen from the roundabout:

Birkenhead Central front

The curved canopy on the front of the station building:

Birkenhead Central
front canopy

Underneath the canopy are partial traces of an old advertising sign:

Birkenhead Central old

Looking up at the Mersey Railway signage on the north side of the building:

Birkenhead Central
north front tiles

At the southern end of the western side of the station building are two doors with old signs, one merely a faded NO ADMITTANCE, and the other reading MERSEY RAILWAY OFFICES:

Birkenhead Central No
Admittance Birkenhead Central Mersey
Railway Offices

The station has a ticket hall on its west side, with a small snack bar at its north end, and staircases and lifts down to the platforms in a cutting:

Birkenhead Central ticket

Behind me in the previous photo is the entrance to platform 1, with this fireplace and plaque:

/ Shunter, Morpeth Dock, Great Western Railway / Awarded the George
Cross for his selfless act of bravery saving many lives during the
Liverpool Blitz on September 26th 1940

Down the stairs to platform 1, looking south:

Birkenhead Central platform 1
looking south

This clock sits in the canopy on platform 1:

Birkenhead Central
platform 1 clock

Towards the southern end of platform 1 looking at the canopy:

Birkenhead Central
platform 1 canopy

Looking south along both platforms:

Birkenhead Central
platforms looking south

Platform 1, and how it links up with the station building above:

Birkenhead Central rear

Returning to the ticket hall, we enter the footbridge which spans the tracks and provides access to platform 2:

Birkenhead Central inside

The footbridge seen from platform 1, with its destination platform 2 on the right:

Birkenhead Central footbridge

The side of the stairs leading up to the footbridge from platform 2, with a disused platform on the right:

Birkenhead Central
platform 2 steps, side

Looking north from the same point along a disused platform edge, now used for stabling stock:

Birkenhead Central
disused platform

On platform 2, looking north towards the footbridge entrance:

Birkenhead Central platform
2 exit

Further down platform 2 looking north:

Birkenhead Central platform 2
looking north

Towards the southern end of platform 2, looking north:

Birkenhead Central
platforms looking north

Looking south along the line from the end of platform 2:

Birkenhead Central looking

To the east of the station is what looks like a fairly disused shed:

Birkenhead Central
disused shed