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Collected date 10/09/14

Bentham sign

Bentham is a small station on the line between Carnforth and Settle and we visited on a particularly bright afternoon. The entrance to the station is via a ramp down from Station Road which crosses the line at the station's east end. Looking south down the approach road towards the station, with the footbridge just visible in the distance:

Bentham approach

The entrance to the station area, with the station building on the right:

Bentham entrance

The entrance gives onto platform 1. Here we look west at the 1950s station building, now owned by a local friends group:

Bentham platform 1 looking west

Another look under the concrete canopy of the station building, showing the various paintings and planters:

Bentham platform 1 under

A plaque at the western end of platform 1, in memory of Pauline Hill, Youth Worker and Secretary of Lancaster and Skipton Rail User Group:

Bentham plaque

On platform 1 looking east at both platforms:

Bentham platforms looking east

Looking west along the line from the end of platform 1:

Bentham looking west

At the eastern end of the platforms a footbridge provides access to the opposite platform:

Bentham footbridge

Under the road bridge just beyond the footbridge a small sign explains various of the railway signs to be seen around the place:

Bentham sign sign

Beyond the footbridge and road bridge is a small extra piece of platform 1. Looking east:

Bentham platform 1 looking east

Over on the other side of the tracks platform 2 has an older building:

Bentham platform 2 building