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Beckenham Junction

Collected date 20/06/15

Beckenham Junction sign

I decided to visit a friend and her three-year-old son, and we convened at Beckenham Junction so he could ride on the trams. Naturally there was a bit of time to collect the station too! The front of the station to the south of the line:

Beckenham Junction front

The station building gives onto platform 2. Here's the rear of the station building:

Beckenham Junction rear

Over on the other side of the tracks on platform 3, looking east towards the footbridge and road bridge, with platform 2 on the right:

Beckenham Junction
platforms looking east

To the south of platform 2 is the bay platform 1, looking west:

Beckenham Junction platform 1

The canopy on platforms 1 and 2 extends a long way west of the station building:

Beckenham Junction platforms
1 and 2 western end

Steps lead from each side of the line to the footbridge. The steps up from platform 2:

Beckenham Junction steps

Looking south from the steps you can see the adjacent Beckenham Junction tram stop:

Beckenham Junction tram

Up more steps into the footbridge:

Beckenham Junction in the

From the footbridge looking west:

Beckenham Junction
looking west from footbridge

Looking east from the footbridge towards the road bridge:

Beckenham Junction
looking east from footbridge

The footbridge takes you down steps on to platform 3. Looking east:

Beckenham Junction
platform 3 under canopy

Detail of the spandrels:

Beckenham Junction

At the eastern end of platform 3 looking along the line:

Beckenham Junction looking

A view of platform 3 from platform 2 opposite:

Beckenham Junction platform 3

The western end of platform 3:

Beckenham Junction platform 3
west end

Looking west along the line:

Beckenham Junction looking

A second bay platform, platform 4, sits on the north side of the station. On platforms 3 and 4, looking east, with platform 4 on the left:

Beckenham Junction platforms
3 and 4 looking east

Looking east along platform 4:

Beckenham Junction platform 4

A ramp on the far right of the previous photo provides flat access to platform 4, but a waiting room provides stepped access to platforms 3 and 4:

Beckenham Junction
platform 3 waiting room

The waiting room is housed in this building on the northern side of the station. The ramp to platform 4 can be seen on the right:

Beckenham Junction
northern entrance

Climbing up to the road bridge over the line, we look west at the station:

Beckenham Junction
looking west from road bridge