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Collected date 05/07/13

Bebington sign

Bebington station sits on an embankment between Rock Ferry and Port Sunlight on the Wirral Line. It has an old building at ground level but the platforms only have modern shelters.

The front of the station building on Old Chester Road, with the bridge on the right carrying the line southwards over Bebington Road:

Bebington front

The side of the station building, with the line and bridge to the right:

Bebington side

A ramp leads up from street level to the platforms. Looking back down the ramp at the other side of the station building and its ticket office:

Bebington tickets

Looking up the ramp, Half-way up, on the right, is the subway leading to platform 2, while the ramp continues up to platform 1:

Bebington platform 1 ramp

The entrance to platform 1 at the top of the ramp:

Bebington platform 1 entrance

Platform 1, seen from platform 2 opposite. The ramp leading up to platform 1 enters the platform between the yellow shelter and the silver one:

Bebington platform 1

Returning down the ramp, looking into the subway:

Bebington subway

The other end of the subway is walled up, as there was once another set of tracks to cross that are no longer present:

Bebington disused subway end

The ramp from the subway to platform 2:

Bebington platform 2 ramp

Platform 2, with the ramp on the right:

Bebington platform 2

At the end of platform 2 looking north along the line:

Bebington looking north

Looking north from the south end of platform 2 at both platforms:

Bebington platforms looking north

Looking south at the bridge over the road:

Bebington looking south