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Collected date 15/11/08

Balloch sign

Balloch was only a short train ride from Glasgow, and made a lovely day trip for some walking around Loch Lomond.

The station only has a single platform, here looking south back along the line:

Balloch platform

Looking south at the end of the platform, where a road bridge crosses the line:

Balloch looking south

A footpath runs under the bridge, at which we look back:

Balloch bridge

The view from the bridge looking south along the line:

Balloch from bridge looking

A long view of the station platform:

Balloch platform

Looking north on the platform at Balloch:

Balloch platform looking north

The modern shelter building:

Balloch shelter

The far side of the shelter at Balloch:

Balloch shelter side

Looking north towards the exit of the station. The line used to continue over the road where the old station building stands:

Balloch station exit

Looking south at the buffers:

Balloch buffers

Now used as a tourist information centre, this is the old station building from when the station was Balloch Central and the line continued north to a station at Balloch Pier:

Balloch building

The side of the building:

Balloch building side

The side of the building which used to face the platform:

Balloch building platform

A small section of canopy with spandrel ironwork:

Balloch spandrel

The line of the old platform edge is still visible as the lawn's edge:

Balloch trackbed

A longer view along the old trackbed:

Balloch trackbed, long view