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Collected date 17/09/15

Aspatria sign

Aspatria is on the Cumbrian Coast Line, and its station buildings are either disused or in private hands. However, someone's care and attention keep the platforms looking nice.

The approach to the station. The buildings on the right are private residential buildings; that on the left is disused:

Aspatria rear

The entrance to the station is through this archway:

Aspatria entrance

The entrance arch leads on to platform 1 which the station building faces:

Aspatria front

There are actually two residential buildings facing platform 1, separated by the flower-adorned white gate in the middle:

Aspatria buildings

This chap gazes out from the gable end:

Face on Aspatria building gable end

On platform 1 looking east towards the station buildings:

Aspatria platform 1 looking east

Just east of the station entrance archway is this modern shelter and the footbridge which joins the two platforms:

Aspatria footbridge

Climbing up on to the footbridge we look west at the station:

Aspatria looking west from

Looking east along the line from the footbridge:

Aspatria looking east from

The underside of the footbridge is decorated and rusty:

Aspatria under footbridge

Having crossed the footbridge, we look west along platform 2 with platform 1 on the right:

Aspatria platforms looking west

Platform 2 has its own entrance too, which leads to the road via the car park of the cheese factory next door:

Aspatria platform 2 shelter and

Looking east on platform 2:

Aspatria platform 2

Through the cheese factory car park, the exit leads to a road bridge over the line just to the west of the station. From that bridge, looking east at the station:

Aspatria looking east from

Looking west along the line from the bridge:

Aspatria looking west from

Back on platform 1, looking west at the bridge:

Aspatria looking west

And at the other end of platform 1 looking east:

Aspatria looking east