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Collected date 14/09/16

Ardwick sign

Ardwick only gets two trains a day on weekdays, and with the station only a mile or so from Manchester Piccadilly and the services being at commuter o'clock, it seemed a reasonable assumption that the trains got passengers who worked particularly close by and used the station to save a bit of time. But when we got off, there was just us. And not a lot of sign of anyone else around who might want a train here.

At least it has a sign, and the remnants of an old railway building on the left:

Ardwick entrance

Looking towards the road from the narrow path that leads to the station:

Ardwick path

At the end of the path a narrow stairway leads up to platform level (though not actually to the platforms!):

Ardwick steps

Yes, this station is about as accessible as Proust. Why do you ask? The steps lead up to a small "mezzanine" area up on top of the viaduct but not actually the station platforms. The steps are on the right just behind the blue cabinet:

Ardwick exit

With high voltage signs on the back this building is probably something to do with electrification, but it is not for us:

Ardwick building

The side of the building:

Ardwick building side

With the unidentified electricity-laden building on our left, the goal is in sight, but first we must cross the footbridge:

Ardwick footbridge

Looking east from the footbridge:

Ardwick, looking east from the footbridge

Looking west from the footbridge towards Piccadilly:

Ardwick, looking west from the footbridge

Down on platform level finally, looking up at the footbridge:

Ardwick footbridge platform end

Looking west from the end of the Manchester-bound platform 2:

Ardwick looking west

Looking north-eastwards from the end of the platform with buffers and depot lins off to the left:

Ardwick looking northeast

The platform actually does pretty well for facilities. Looking along platform 2 here we can see information, a shelter, and seats:

Ardwick platform 2

Platform 1 opposite starts a little way east, for some reason. Looking west from the end of platform 1:

Ardwick platform 1 looking west

There's some seating, from which one can watch the railway world go by:

Ardwick shelter and bench

In the ground here is this small memorial:


The grass in the centre of the western end of the platform has grown rather. From the limit of the "do not pass this point" signs, looking west along the platforms:

Ardwick platforms looking west

And looking east at the overgrown grass we can't get to:

Ardwick looking east

The eastern end of platform 2:

Ardwick platform 2 looking east