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Collected date 14/09/16

Altrincham sign

Altrincham station was refurbished into a transport interchange in 2014, and is now a fascinating mixture of the old 1881 building and new glass and steel structures to form the footbridge and bus interchange.

The entrance to the new concourse area with the old station building behind it:

Altrincham entrance

Inside the concourse, looking north; the bus stands are on the left with the rail and tram platforms over to the right:

Altrincham concourse

From the concourse, an entrance leads on to platform 1:

Altrincham platform 1 entrance

The north end of the concourse, with the end of the old station building on the right and steps up to the footbridge beyond:

Altrincham concourse looking north

Looking back south at the concourse from the steps to the footbridge:

Altrincham footbridge exit

Through the access from the concourse to platform 1, one of the two tram platforms. Looking south towards the end of the tram line:

Altrincham platform 1 looking south

At the southern end of the platform looking at the end of the canopy:

Altrincham platform 1 canopy end

Further north along the platform looking south under the canopy:

Altrincham platform 1 under canopy looking south

Platform 1 seen from platform 2 opposite:

Altrincham platform 1 rear

The end of the platform 1 canopy and then the footbridge:

Altrincham platform 1 footbridge end

Up on the footbridge looking north along platforms 1 and 2:

Altrincham looking north from the footbridge at platforms 1 and 2

Platforms 2 and 3 are on an island with one side (platform 2) being a tram platform and the other a heavy rail platform:

Altrincham platforms 2 and 3

Under the canopy on platforms 2 and 3 looking north:

Altrincham platforms 2 and 3 under canopy

A small path crosses behind the buffers of platforms 1 and 2, so here we look north from the buffers towards the footbridge and the canopy beyond it:

Altrincham platform 2 buffers

The footbridge joins the island platform to the outer platform 4:

Altrincham platforms 3 and 4 footbridge

Another view of the footbridge from platform 4:

Altrincham footbridge

Platform 4 seen from platform 3 opposite:

Altrincham platform 4 from platform 3

On platform 4 looking south:

Altrincham platform 4

Further north giving a view of all platforms and the concourse:

Altrincham platforms looking south

A portal gives a rear entrance to platform 4 from the car park:

Altrincham platform 4 entrance

The rear of altrincham station, with the portal to platform 4 and steps to the footbridge on the left:

Altrincham rear

Towards the northern end of platform 4 is a ramped entrance from the car park:

Altrincham car park exit

At the other end of platform 4 a disused overgrown path leads south. This used to lead to a barrow crossing before the station was refurbished:

Altrincham looking south

To the south of the station a road bridge crosses the line. Here we look north from that bridge at the station complex:

Altrincham looking north from bridge