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Collected date 30/06/13

Ainsdale sign

Separated from the rest of Southport by dunes, Ainsdale feels a bit less of a random suburb than some of its neighbours along the line. Like many of the other stations it has both a level crossing and a footbridge to cross the line. Here's the level crossing, looking east:

Ainsdale level crossing

The entrance to the Southport-bound platform 2 from the road:

Ainsdale platform 2 entrance

The buildings on platform 2:

Ainsdale platform 2 buildings

The clock:

Ainsdale platform 2 clock

A longer view of platform 2:

Ainsdale platform 2

This milepost lurks in the shrubbery, although I don't know where's 3/4 of a mile away:

Ainsdale platform 2 milepost

Back at the northern end of platform 2 is the footbridge which links the two platforms when the level crossing is closed:

Ainsdale footbridge

Up on the footbridge, looking north along the line:

Ainsdale looking north from

Looking south from the same point:

Ainsdale looking south from

The entrance from the road to platform 1:

Ainsdale platform 1 entrance

The side of the building on platform 1:

Ainsdale platform 1 building side

The building on platform 1 has no canopy and is generally rather less interesting than its counterpart on platform 2:

Ainsdale platform 1 building

A planter on platform 1 dedicated "to the memory of Peter Simpkin":

Ainsdale platform 1 dedicated

Looking south along the line from the end of platform 1:

Ainsdale looking south

Like many of the stations along the line, Ainsdale station is "for" somewhere:

Ainsdale, for Nature Reserve, Dunes
and Beach