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Collected date 11/09/14

Accrington sign

Accrington station dates from 1848 but most of it was redeveloped in 2011, with a new station building south of the line. The station is approached from the south, with a car park on the right:

Accrington approach

The front of the station building from the car park, with the cycle path station access entering from the left at the top of the grass bank:

Accrington front

As well as the steps a zigzag ramp leads up from the car park to the station building:

Accrington ramp

The station building is designed to be as environmentally friendly as possible:

Accrington Eco Station

The approach to the platforms from under the building's canopy:

Accrington entrance

The entrance leads on to platform 2, from where we look east at the footbridge and the station building on the right:

Accrington looking east

On platform 2 looking west along the platforms:

Accrington platform 2 looking west

One of the shelters on platform 2 is of wood:

Accrington platform 2 wooden

At the far end of platform 2 looking east:

Accrington platform 2 looking east

The footbridge at the eastern end of the platforms crosses the line. Looking east from the footbridge:

Accrington from footbridge
looking east

Looking west at the platforms from the footbridge:

Accrington from footbridge
looking west

From the western end of platform 1, looking west along the line:

Accrington looking west

There is also an entrance on the platform 1 side of the line:

Accrington platform 1 entrance