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Collected date 29/08/15

Luton sign

Luton was the start of a short but hilly bike ride to Hitchin where a train home awaited. Before that there was time for a bit of exploration.

The station is modern and sits to the north of Luton town centre. The station front on the south side of the line:

Luton front

The station concourse sits above the tracks, in this box, with bike racks underneath:

Luton bike racks

On the bridge, looking north at the entrance to the station:

Luton entrance into bridge

From this bridge entrance looking west at the bus interchange:

Luton entrance looking west

Like Cambridge Luton has idiots running its transport who have turned a railway into a misguided busway:

Luton misguided busway

One can walk through the station to get to Luton High Town. Here's the entrance to the station from the north side:

Luton north entrance

Looking inside the ticket hall, barriers lead to the station proper off to the left:

Luton ticket hall

Briefly back outside on the walkway, we look east at the footbridge which connects the platforms to the ticket hall:

Luton footbridge

Looking west from the walkway, platform 2 is immediately to our right and platform 3 to our left:

Luton looking west from bridge

Down at platform level the walkway is visible in the background while we look at platforms 1 and 2 from the island platforms 3 and 4:

Luton platforms 1 and 2 seen from platforms 3 and 4

Since we're on platform 4 let's look east:

Luton platform 4 looking east

Towards the other end of platform 4 looking west:

Luton platform 4 looking west

Looking east under the canopy on platform 4:

Luton platform 4 under canopy

Further east along platform 4 with the ticket hall and footbridge just ahead and above us:

Luton platform 4 bridge

The steps leading up from platforms 3 and 4:

Luton platforms 3 and 4 steps

On platform 3 looking west with platforms 1 and 2 on the right:

Luton platform 3 looking west

Looking west at platforms 4 and 5:

Luton platforms 4 and 5 looking west