Saturday 10 January 2009

Owen Graham Massey

Janet Elaine McKnight

We are getting married in January and we will be very happy if you can help us celebrate.

There will be a small ceremony at the register office in Oxford, where we live. Numbers at the register office are restricted, but the ceremony will be followed by a party from 7 p.m. at a larger venue approximately 300 metres away. Children are welcome.

We will be sending proper invitations in due course, but here is some preliminary information to help you make arrangements.


Oxford is well-connected for public transport, including a 24-hour coach service to London. Both venues are within walking distance of the railway, bus and coach stations. Unfortunately, engineering work will affect trains coming from Birmingham and Worcester.

Oxford is a medieval city and much of the centre is pedestrianised. There are five Park and Ride sites around the ring road offering free parking. Alternatively, if you need to park nearby, Worcester Street car park is opposite the Register Office; parking from 4 o'clock till late will cost around 10 pounds. The on-street parking at St Giles', about 1 km away, is free after 6.30 p.m. Please get in touch with one of us if you would like to arrange car sharing with other guests.


The Jam Factory will be open until 1 a.m.


Please bring a camera! We would like as many people as possible to take photos. If you put photos online at Flickr, please use the tag j2owedding.

Wedding list

The 'wedding list' used to be a great way for families and friends to give newlyweds the essentials for setting up home together; but we've been living together for 3 years (and living away from our parental homes for more like 10) and we've already got the essentials and more besides - thanks in part to all of you! There's really nothing we want or need, so please: you really don't need to buy us anything.

If you would like to mark the occasion with a gift and are stuck for ideas, we can always find room for a bottle of port! But no obligation. The main thing we want to ask you for is this: please come and celebrate with us.

By coming to see us on our wedding day, you're giving the gift of your time (a scarce resource for all of us) and your friendship: those things are priceless. Many of you are paying for travel and accommodation, as well, and we really appreciate the effort.


Oxford Tourist Information Centre offers one list of places to stay and the reliable Daily Info has a comprehensive list with reviews.

We suggest that you do not stay at the Nanford Guest House, reputedly the dirtiest hotel in Britain!

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